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Campus Parking Update and Gift Card Incentive

As we work to improve our living and learning facilities, the construction on campus does require significant adjustments to parking areas. We continually ask for your patience and understanding in this period of growth for the Campus Beautiful.  Meeting the need for parking is a priority in the campus master plan and as that process is completed we will be able to share details on additional parking options.
To address the immediate parking concerns we are implementing some new measures and also want to remind you of existing resources and services for parking and campus safety. 
  • Gift Card and Parking Incentive – Beginning Monday, February 29, EKU Parking Services will offer a special free permit for parking in a designated area of the Lancaster Lot and Ashland lot for 100 residential students. This option is encouraged for residential students who do not need frequent access to their vehicles during the week. A limit of 100 spaces and permits will be available, and the program will be administered on a first come, first served basis by the Office of Parking and Transportation located in Mattox Hall, Suite A.  Students who choose to participate will exchange their current residential parking permit for a free Lancaster/Ashland lot purple permit. Participants will also receive a $20 Walmart gift card. Furthermore, by exchanging your current residential permit, anyone receiving the new free purple permit will also obtain a credit for a freeresidential permit (or $60 student account credit) for the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 year. Please note: The new purple permit will ONLY allow access to the designated area in the Lancaster Lot and the Ashland Lot. Parking in other lots is prohibited and will result in ticketing. This program applies to enrolled residential students, but excludes Grand Campus residents due to Grand Campus’ proximity to the Lancaster Lot. While there is shuttle service to the Ashland Lot (see link to full shuttle schedules below), there is currently no shuttle service to the Lancaster Lot.
  • New Loading/Unloading Zones – To assist residents who are carrying items into residence halls, new loading/unloading zones have been added in front of the New Hall and Greek Towers. More loading/unloading areas will be added to additional residence halls in the near future.
  • Campus Shuttle Service – We remind all students that multiple shuttle routes are available both during peak daytime hours and the evening to transport students from remote parking areas to central campus areas. You can find the full shuttle schedules at As we continue to improve campus parking and transportation options we will assess the accuracy of shuttle operations and are committed to ensuring the schedule is reliable.
  • Campus Safety Escorts – Students or employees concerned for their safety while walking to and from parking lots are encouraged to use the safety walking escort service. You can call for assistance from any of the blue phones located throughout campus, by calling EKU Police at 622-1111 or by installing and using the LiveSafe app on your phone. Learn more about LiveSafe and the many tools and services it offers the campus community here.
This will be a period of transition for the entire campus but we will continuously work to address your concerns and keep your safety in mind as we look to expand and enhance our vibrant campus community.


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