Why were we not told about this ahead of time?

The student fee initiative has been led by your student senators and has been a topic of conversation on this campus for well over a year now. They are your representatives in SGA and they worked hard over the past three months to engage student audiences, study every aspect of the fee and engage with multiple subject matter experts to adequately understand the decision they were to make. They also sponsored an open forum on the initiative the week prior to the vote. The Eastern Progress also ran a front-page story about this proposed fee and the revitalization plan in January. What made the senators' job challenging was that they, and you as students, are being asked to embrace a partnership between students and the University and a vision for a still-evolving Center for Student Life concept via the new $150-per-semester fee. Our student senators did not offer concrete costs, designs or programming commitments at this juncture because all of those areas will be addressed over the next six months during a student-led design process. What they could offer is a commitment to shared costs, student design input and the opportunity to leave an enduring legacy at EKU.